Report – Zero Waste and How to Achieve It

Report on the Event with Professor Paul Connett – 25th October, 2010

The meeting on Zero Waste with Prof Paul Connett on Monday, 25th of October, 2010 was very successful with 70 people attending the presentation and over 30 at the following discussion session. The slides from the presentation are available on SlideShare (also see below).  A 5-minute video with Paul providing an overview of a strategy for Zero Waste can be seen here (also in HD here).  The discussion group on Zero Waste can be found on our CircuitNet site, here.

The discussion session involving academics and other experts, local councillors and representatives of other stakeholder communities, looked at successful initiatives on Zero Waste around the world for guidelines on a strategy to be used here. Experience shows that the key components of technical and implementation capability, the required stakeholder involvement including businesses and local authorities, as well as public involvement and pressure, are required to take an initiative forward successfully. Work was agreed to progress the different research and implementation aspects of this, particularly looking towards pilots and prototypes that could take the agenda forward and help to justify the case for further developments. The aim was also to work with groups like the 2020 Zero Waste project in putting the wider stakeholder partnership together and drawing up a business plan for a large scale initiative.

Jim Hensman, Brain Project, Coventry University

Professor Paul Connett’s presentation (Coventry University, 25/10/2010)

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