Discussion Help

How to use the Discussion facility

1. Logging in
To use the discussion facility, go to www.project-brain.org and click on Events. To use the site you must register.  If you are Coventry University staff account holder send your university e-mail address to us and then you will be able to  log in with your usual university name and password when this is acknowledged.  Non Coventry University staff name users need to email their name and reason for interest in the discussion group. Please e-mail your information to help@project-brain.org.

2. Creating a new group

There are two group types (ignoring hidden groups) which can be created by a user.  Once created the user becomes the administrator of the group.

  • To create a new group use the Top Menu options “My Account” “Groups” “Create A Group”



  • Fill in the Group Name, Description and News fields;
  • Enable “Comment Wire” and “Discussion Forum”(tick both).   Comment Wire can be used for group announcements and Forum for discussions.
  • Choose a Group type:
    • a) Public group
      Anyone can join;
    • b) Private group
      Anyone can request to join but requests are vetted by the group administrator;
  • Create a Blog.  Tick “Enable group Blog”.  Then tick “Enable group member posting”.  Leave other options as the defaults.
  • Ignore the “Create a Group Avatar” option and click “Next Step”.

3. Joining a group

From the Main Menu click on the “Groups” option.  This will list all groups available.

  • a) Public group
    Join by clicking on the “Join Group” button next to the group description.
  • b) Private group
    Request to join by clicking on the “Request Membership” button.  Requests are vetted  by the group administrator.