The Brain Project

The project was funded by the JISC under the Virtual Research Environments Phase 3 programme and ran till March 2011. An outline of the work of the project and its conclusions can be found by clicking on theĀ About tag and you can leave any questions or comments by clicking on theĀ Comments tag.

The project aimed to help create a Research and Innovation Community based at Coventry University and develop an integrating VRE framework to support this based around flexible, interacting, research and innovation networks, with personalisable services and tools for researchers. Through this work the project aimed to contribute to the development of the new approaches, techniques and tools which would make up the next generation of research environments and benefit the sector by providing an evaluated exemplar, documented processes and methods, guidance to other institutions and a set of innovative techniques and tools to support VRE implementation.

Through this development the project aimed to tackle a key challenge for the Higher Education sector as it seeks to diversify into activities outside traditional academic fields and the academic sector, requiring integrated research environments that can support this. The extension of the research environment beyond its traditional boundaries requires looking at research in a wider context and tackling new challenges in all phases of the research and innovation lifecycle, from the conception of new ideas to the sustainable embedding of solutions in practice. Coventry University has identified this area as having particular strategic importance for the Institution and has focused its research activities on business and community engagement and applied research.